These 10" paper cone oil filters from Vogue are designed for use with 10" fryer oil cone filter holders (CN956). It's perfect for seasonal concession stands, snack bars, or sandwich shops that occasionally fry foods. The 10" paper oil filter cone is made from a 70 micron non-woven material with over-locking stitches for added strength and high quality filtration.

Regularly filtering your fryer oil helps prolong the oil's life by removing contaminants that can cause off-tastes and oxidation. You'll save money since you won't have to replace the oil as frequently and will also deliver better-tasting fried foods for your customers.

Product features

  • Dimensions 250 mm (Ø)
  • Material Paper
  • For use with CN956
  • Aids with efficient grease filtration


Brand Vogue

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