A medium grit whetstone is for maintaining a knife's edge. Global's 1000 grit whetstone is at its best sharpening nicks out of the blades of Japanese-style knives. Use it to restore a factory edge to old knives rather than everyday use.

The hard ceramic surface stays smooth no matter how much you use it. Just remember to put some water on the whetstone's surface before you sharpen your knives.

Product features

  • Dimensions 210 x 70 x 5mm
  • Material Ceramic
  • Weight 610g
  • High-quality, tough ceramic surface - will give years of service
  • Medium finish - 1000 grit for honing very dull knives
  • For optimum results, use with a small amount of water
  • Put a little water on the clean surface of the stone before sharpening


SKU C317
Brand Global
Shipping Weight 0.6100kg

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