Remain cool and comfortable in hot kitchens with the Le Chef Premium Short Sleeve Executive Chefs Jacket, thanks to its 3 piece back panel, under arm cool panels, short sleeves and Egyptian cotton construction. All these work together to circulate cool air around your body to keep you comfortable whilst you work. The jacket also features an easy-care design that doesn't crease when being worn, helping you to always look your best when cooking your best.

Product features

  • Material 100% Egyptian cotton 170g/m2
  • Handmade, hand sewn on buttons
  • Easy care and minimal creasing when worn
  • 65℃ industrial wash and bleach resistant
  • Thermometer pocket on sleeve
  • Unisex
  • 100% Egyptian cotton 170g/m2
  • Stay-cool underarm panels
  • Delivered in a presentation box
  • Black and white


SKU B913-48
Brand Le Chef

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