Long-lasting and extremely wear-resistant, this premium knife sharpening steel from Dick combines ease of use with exceptional results every time.

A super hard diamond coated 12" oval sharpening steel will deliver a razor sharp finish to any knife, helping even the busiest professional kitchens prepare ingredients quickly and efficiently. It's the ideal choice for chefs who demand the very highest standards of performance from their knives. An ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip for maximum support and control, making sharpening knives faster and easier than ever before. The handle also incorporates a handy ring for convenient storage.

Product features

  • Dimensions 12(L)"
  • Material Diamond Steel Blade
  • Rockwell hardness rating 66°
  • Weight 460g
  • Suitable for use with practically any knife
  • Fine cut sharpening steel with super-hard coated oval blade
  • Hard diamond coating - three times harder than a standard steel
  • Balanced taper towards the tip of the steel
  • Handle ring for easy storage


Brand Dick
Shipping Weight 0.4600kg

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