An ideal kit for any cookery student or any young person with an interest in cookery. This comprehensive selection of utensils is ideal for all manner of cooking tasks, from cutting to baking.

Product features

  • Aussie Chef utility box
  • Hygiplas cooks knife 220mm, Hygiplas palette knife 200mm, Hygiplas paring knife 70mm, Hygiplas peeling knife 65mm
  • Pastry bag 340mm, star tubes 7 & 13, plain tube 11
  • Vogue speed peeler, Vogue basting spoon 280mm, Vogue steel 250mm
  • Double paris cutter (22/30mm)
  • Natural bristle pastry brush 38mm, Vogue wooden spoon 250mm, plastic dough scraper, Vogue wire whisk 250mm
  • Stainless steel tongs


SKU S672
Brand AUCE

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