The Vogue Japanese Vegetable Spiralizer and Slicer is a premium quality Japanese vegetable slicer with 3 interchangeable blades. This slicer or 'spiralizer' can be used to make long 'angel hair' vegetable spaghetti, strands of vegetables in a variety of thicknesses and sliced curls, giving you the tool to create eye-catching and unique dishes. Whether you're helping kids enjoy healthy foods or want to create a dish your guests will never forget, the spiralizer from Vogue is perfect for your kitchen. The fine strands and spirals also cook much quicker, helping them retain their healthy goodness, saving you time when preparing dishes and helping you to cut down the cost of cooking.

Product features

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 0.54 kg
  • Four interchangeable blades
  • Blade thickness: Fine (K468) 1.2mm, Medium (K469) 2.6mm, Coarse(K471) 4.1mm
  • Suction pads to ensure the slicer sits still while in operation
  • The spiked food disk ensures food doesn't move
  • Safety knob enables you to achieve different thickness as well as a safety position while not in use


SKU D446
Brand Vogue
Shipping Weight 0.5400kg

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