Guarantee quick and precise cutting with the extra large Japanese mandoline from Vogue. Manufactured in a jumbo size, this utensil is able to cut high volumes of vegetables quickly and safely, saving you time when preparing meals. Included with this mandoline are three interchangeable blades; one fine, one medium and one course to suit all types of ingredients and give you more choice when preparing dishes. The mandoline is completed with a safety guard to prevent accidents and ensure you are protected at all times.

Product features

  • Dimensions 347(L) x 132(W) x 26(D)mm
  • Material ABS
  • Weight 440g
  • Razor sharp blade
  • Safety guard included
  • Speed up food preparation times
  • Blade: Fine (AE145) 1.6mm, Medium(AE146) 3.2mm, Coarse(AE144) 10.9mm
  • Safety guard
  • Strong ABS
  • Plastic construction.


Brand Vogue

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